The utter complexity of today’s information stream has had an opposite effect of reducing attention spans. This leads to assumption and failures in understanding. Whereas, feeling still captures attention in a meaningful way, allowing for better comprehension and lingering retention. Accomplishment, satisfaction, and passion all translate to avenues of remembrance in the realm of feeling.

A visit to Nash’s farm in Sequim, WA. Nash advises other farmers in the area how best to convert from commodity agriculture to niche and organic markets. From Harvest Dreams: A Film about Sustaining.


Robert is a superb filmmaker/storyteller. You can see that when you look at his work. It has passion and is emotional, the basis of great storytelling. He is a superb caster of talent, a magnificent cameraman and director, and an excellent editor. He writes his own script copy which I also find brilliant. If you need a story told with passion and clarity and top-of-the-line professionalism, and Robert finds himself in agreement with your story, I can highly recommend him as one of the very best.

-David Hoffman–American Documentary Filmmaking Legend.

Feelings are “high bandwidth” communication

Thinking into Feeling is the process of encoding logic and sensation into high bandwidth communication, the modality best suited for instigating change in groups and organizations.

Harvest Dreams is a 1 x 60 documentary film co-directed, co-written, and co-produced by Robert Lundahl and Claire Calvino.

The film is witness to the end of the era of commodity agriculture, as the last remaining farmers on the North Olympic Peninsula struggle to transition to a more sustainable model, producing for organic and niche markets.

“Beliefs are lived and embodied meaning, hence are properly understood as feelings. This point can be stated the other way around, namely, emotion is meaning (Opdahl, 2002), a perspective that is so far neglected in affective science.

Only the term ‘feeling’ not ’emotion’ is universal across cultures.”

Belief, Emotion, and Health: toward an Integrative Account. Commentary on John Cromby’s “Beyond Belief”, Louise Sundararajan, (in press) Journal of Health Psychology, Belief, Emotion, and Health: toward an Integrative Account.

Feeling is the avenue for transmission

A picture might be worth 1,000 words. Whereas, a feeling is worth 10,000 words. In creating a connection between something simple and something complex, feeling is the avenue for transmission.

Steve Johnson produces vegetables, fruit, and Christmas trees at Lazy “J” Farm. Hear the story of how Steve, his mother, and the farm survived the death of Steve’s father when he was 16 years old. From Harvest Dreams: A Film About Sustaining.