Robert Lundahl

Robert Lundahl is a filmmaker, journalist and corporate communications expert.

Robert Lundahl’s work on the Elwha River Dam Removal, from 1993 to 2005, producing and creating a feature film for PBS and Free Speech TV, which he wrote and produced, and mounting a large scale photographic exhibit with the National Park Service, have produced results.

They provided a background case study and effective counter argument to those forces blocking restoration on both the Elwha and the Snake Rivers.

The two Elwha Dams were removed in 2011 in 2014. Substantial numbers of fish are returning, setting the stage for dam removal on the Klamath, the Snake, and Ventura River, among others, as the first major dam removal and river restoration projects in the world.

His later film, “Who Are My People?” anticipated unchecked mineral development across the Western United States, concentrating on the large scale utility solar buildout, its permitting and, in general, a lack of adequate consultation with tribes. The film follows 4 Indigenous Elders as they take on the world’s energy companies in the scrub and the sagebrush across the West.

Previous endeavors in Silicon Valley marketing and PR created successful relationships with clients and suppliers and led to the award of an Emmy® to Mr. Lundahl for Best Direction on three short films shot in China, He worked with global environmental thought leaders including Amory Lovins, William McDonough, and Brasil’s Jaime Lerner, as a Sun Microsystems Master Vendor for over 12 years.

Lundahl is currently serving clients with narrative development and public communications for legal arguments in American Indian and Environmental Law.

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