About Us

Truer Journalism


The works on these pages are artifacts of a multi-disciplined approach to building both brands and organizational and policy narratives (Design Thinking). Bauhaus derived, the methodology stems from owner Robert Lundahl’s interest in communications problem solving and Public Relations, and his training at the University of Oregon, School of Architecture and Allied Arts.

Many individuals have contributed professional insights and skills. The company launched as Robert Lundahl and Associates (RL | A), in 1989 refocused its brand as Agence RLA, LLC (Agence) in 2018, incorporating retail (consumer) clients to a long B to B list, alongside Direction and Producing of broadcast content and internet campaigns related to education in the Environmental Sciences.

In general, where credits are displayed, they are correct as broadcast. Acknowledgements in particular are due to strategic partners 22Product (Terry Green), Mark Woloschuck (Motion Graphics and Brand), Tim King Journalist (dec.), Bonnie King, Publisher, Susan Utell, Producer and Editor, Hai Ning Luan, Journalist and Mandarin Translator, Stephen Most, Writer, Robin Carneen (Swinomish), Producer and Radio Host, and many others.

It is correct to say this website focuses on RL | A initiatives before 2018, but that is not exclusively true. It simply ’rounds up” the legacy and redirects it toward the future, available via the Agence Interactive web platform and climatechangeishere.com.