La Cuna de Aztlán Sacred Sites Protection Circle

Success Story – Cultural Resource Protection

RL | A deployed a fact based social media and public relations campaign in support of the legal complaint, La Cuna de Aztlán Sacred Sites Protection Circle v. BLM, La Cuna seeking to site large utility scale solar away from Native American cultural resources.

AP press outreach resulted in content placed in over 150 news outlets worldwide. RL | A managed a presence on blogs like Grist and CleanTechnica.

RL | A released original articles to magazines, created on-the-ground internet videos, and provided information to Wall St. analysts.

Who Are My People?

Who Are My People?

The film that resulted, “Who Are My People?” is the story of a legal complaint, and the companion public relations campaign that accompanied its release encouraged public participation, resulting in three large solar projects being stopped or withdrawn.