Lundahl : Storyteller

This reel contains some of the Director’s favorite material. Competitive moments create the feeling of a heightened state of being.

1. Marketing piece for Sun Microsystems and McLaren Auto Racing, details data and knowledge based improvements in auto racing that put McLaren at the top.

2. Oakland Left to Right. Scenes from Love Center Church using high end HD broadcast dolly and crane shots over 110 member Love Center Community Choir. This Performance, featuring Walter Hawkins, was one of his last, shown here alongside brother Edwin (Oh Happy Day! 1969).

3. “Jerry Brown’s hypocrisy,” Aguirre for Governor Campaign. Exciting cinema-verite camera style is used in this example of one of over thirty rapid response videos created by the Aguirre Campaign, in Richard Aguirre’s “citizen’s campaign” for governor. Series of “Politisodes” generated responses from major candidates Whitman and Brown, and helped place the candidate in the polls for the first time (ABC Rasmussen) at 7%.

4. Got that competitive urge? San Jose Sharks hockey is the place to be. Sponsorship video for Sun Microsystems shows-off Super-8 film as a production medium.

5. Clip from feature Documentary Film, “Who Are My People?” Originally released as “The Killing of Kokopili,” alongside an original magazine article of the same name in a pubic relations campaign that received worldwide attention and generated 45 pages of search results for a non-profit client.