The ECOreport (

manwithamoviecamera3-2xx is a digital PR agency in a post – PR era.

In what some call a fragmented media landscape – in which traditional communications forms like marketing, public relations, investor communications, and employee communications have collapsed into one – the is not only the generator of public relations content, but a publisher of that content. We work primarily in the vertical of energy and the environment, however, our work extends across content-type.

As such, we work client-direct, and agency-direct. Our output is published material across a broad spectrum of blogs, websites and news outlets, including traditional print. This allows us unusual flexibility on behalf of our clients.

Most importantly, we bring industry knowledge and in depth reporting, presented, comprehensible, with a view to the clients’ strategic positioning and goals.


Don’t get us wrong.

We’re not in competition with traditional agencies. We work together with traditional agencies to enhance their offerings. The end result is better service, more compelling and engaging communications and stories in a global web environment that is often hard for agencies and clients alike to master.

ECOreport partner Robert Lundahl is the veteran of the IT field. As such, he has the fundamental knowledge of the communications potential of the web. His work over the years, with companies like Sun Microsystems, has helped define what the web is, consistently working within the parameters of communication available through technology. As far as we know he is the only communications professional to have won an Emmy® for work on behalf of a corporate client. As Robert says, the lines between business, education, and entertainment have blurred.

Founder Roy L Hales’ repertoire is demonstrated by hundreds of articles focusing on environment and energy from multiple perspectives, bringing a necessary journalistic value-base to complex portrayals of intricate technological, biological and ecological (overlapping) fields.

We are leading the field in our ability to communicate meaningful industry advances within a context of the stakeholders’ issues and values, which are important to understand in an era defined not only by technology potential but by sustainability imperatives.

We get it.

Our recent “scoops” – including understanding and communicating Sungevity’s ground breaking transition from a “boots on the roof” solar company to a software provider for utilities; Maxwell Technologies advancement in ultracapacitors for the smart grid; the importance of Tesla’s battery storage for home distributed solar – are examples of the manner in which we identify and communicate issues related to technological change that are at the crux of the development of the solar and renewable industries as they become available to everyday homeowners.

It’s about people: What we understand and learn, and the way that effects our lives.

The translates technological content into stories for human beings.