The Hero’s Journey. Pulling back the curtain on the Digital Journey Series

The “Hero’s Journey” is the common template of a broad category of tales that involve a hero going on an adventure, and in a decisive crisis wins a victory, then comes home changed or transformed.

In this case study from Sun Microsystems, “Digital Journey” positioned the company against large competitors like IBM, extending the Sun and Java brands. With the emergence of distributed computing infrastructure, the centralized administration and proprietary, top-down IT promoted by the large competitors had become increasingly anachronistic. Digital Journey was the antidote, an invitation to a conversation about distributed computing infrastructure and its benefits.

Digital Journey Promo CD

Sun Microsystems’ Digital Journey

The Journey Archetype is the basis for Sun Microsystems’ Digital Journey: Stories from a Networked Planet. A series of 39 short films for Public Television stations in the US, Canada (via TVO), and China (via CCTV), the series struck a chord with viewers.

Here we help the audience “transform” through “experience” via an “intelligent branding” model.  
The series is filmed “From Shanghai to Curitiba,” around the globe.

Digital Journey, KCSM. Over 4000 airings in over 80 markets/cities. Sun Microsystems.


Digital Journey/e-Commerce in China, KCSM/National Public Television Distribution. Emmy® Award Winner.

PARTNERS AND LUMINARIES: Luminaries appearing in the programs include Amory Lovins, William McDonough, Jaime Lerner, Thomas Dolby, Stewart Brand, Danny Hillis, Mika Haakinen, Steve Young.

The series shares airtime with partnering companies (cross promotion) such as Specialized Bicycles, The San Jose Sharks, European PGA, Sprint International, City of Curitiba, The City of Los Angeles, The Brazilian Space Agency (INPE), Beatnik, MIT Media Lab, Boston Museum of Science and industry, Deka, First Robotics League, McLaren Racing, and The Forever Young Foundation.

Digital Journey/The Clock of the Long Now, KCSM/National Public Television Distribution.


Digital Journey/Human Origins of the Internet, KCSM/National Public Television Distribution.


Digital Journey/Sonifying the Web, KCSM/National Public Television Distribution.



Digital Journey series “One Sheet.”