The Digial Journey Series

Digital Journey is a series of 39 short films produced for Sun Microsystems on location around the world — in China, India, Japan, Brazil, Finland, Sweden, England and other countries. The series aired on US Public Television, TVO Canada, CCTV China, CNN Europe, and other global networks.

US Public Television viewership: 3929 airplays, 229 hours of airtime, 75,000,000 potential households, 175,000,000 potential viewers.

43% US broadcast market, 52.64% Canada broadcast market, 22,000,000 viewers, China, 8,830,000 impressions from global airport displays, Paris, Stockholm, London, Beijing, Sydney.

Value of US airtime, 8,250,000. Cost of airtime to sponsor, Sun Microsystems, 0.

“No one has ever paid us to air our spots before,” David Howard, Sr. Marketing Director, Sun Microsystems.