Building the Sustainability Center

Sustainability Center

Near-universal in their requirements for companies to act responsibly, nine-in-10 consumers expect companies to do more than make a profit. Consumers expect companies to act responsibly in addressing social and environmental concerns.

81 percent of consumers cite availability of such products as the largest barrier to not purchasing more.*

It’s an opportunity for you to tell your company’s sustaining story, and express that story to employees, management, supply chain partners, customers, and the community. Your Vision. Your Values. Your Practices.

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What are the tools?

The first and most important tool is your story. Your story takes shape in multiple media types and plays on all devices via all channels.

Housed in an on-line interactivity center, this sustainability hub allows for ongoing conversations between you and your customers.

Scalable stories and topical relevance create a dynamic, multi-faceted way to keep your story fresh and effective.



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PayItGreen” Business Toolkit

*This study, a follow-up to the 2011 and 2013 global studies on consumer attitudes, perceptions and behaviors around corporate social responsibility (CSR), was conducted by Cone Communications and independent marketing analytics specialist, Ebiquity. The research reflects the sentiments of nearly 10,000 citizens in nine of the largest countries in the world by GDP.