California and North America are beginning to ask questions that have never been asked before. The Napa Valley is a microcosm. Questions asked here represent a shift in our way of doing things.

We used to think that local is not important and that’s not true. We used to think about water and think it would always be available, and that’s not true. We used to think that corporations could run wild, and that’s not true. We used to think of freedom as doing what we want, but that’s not true. Now freedom looks like responsibility, interconnection, and looking after each other.

There are two aspects to it. One is professional in that I do marketing and advertising. I am a filmmaker and some of my films are independent documentaries, and some of them are about stories that have a purpose in being told. So I knew that the desert was endangered, and I drew on my personal experience and thought maybe I have something to contribute here.

All quotes, Robert Lundahl.