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Many of you know me as an Emmy® Award winning filmmaker, and as a corporate communications innovator. Today I’m connecting with you as a friend, as a colleague, and as someone who cares deeply about our diminishing desert ecosystems.

We have all taken the time, thought and effort to consider and respond to the 6000 page plus Desert Renewable Energy Conservation Plan. This masterwork of bureaucratic thinking was composed without consultation with either tribes or communities and has consumed countless hours of review by almost every group to determine what is being imposed upon them. All the while the plants, animals and cultures of the Mojave and Colorado Deserts exist in a volatile and unpredictable present with a disastrous future on the horizon. We must ask “How long before we look back to show our children pictures of a world they can never know?”

Despite the DRECP, we do not live in a “check the box world.”

We live with heart and soul, compassion and knowledge that what has sustained us and earlier generations will continue to sustain us when given the opportunity.

In a word or two we must do a better job communicating and connecting.

The federal government, which holds sway over many decisions that affect us and our children, regard the Keystone XL opposition to be substantial and worthy of their re-consideration to that project. The same can not be said for energy development in the California deserts. Why? because we are not on the radar. Our messages are not being heard in the same way, despite the time, the commitment, and the heart that many of us have demonstrated time and time again.

We’re here on this planet to fix this, so that our children may grow up in a world more beautiful than the one we will have left behind.

The 2015 World Economic Forum at Davos declared 2015 to be the year of climate change. How do we make this real? How do we give this meaning? How do we give this a name that can be carried forward by generations coming?

We can’t afford to be 5 years behind, stuck in past assumptions, playing “catch up,” while the rest of the world moves forward economically, environmentally, and culturally.

If we choose the later path we will lose far more than the desert, the last in-tact ecosystems in North America. It’s bigger than that.

In thirty years time sea levels are predicted to rise about 28 feet. Changing weather patterns, flooded coastlines, and handing non eco-responsible corporations the “keys to the kingdom” will cost us our freedom and our basic infrastructure and quality of life.

What this means in light of our experience working to “save the desert” is that misinformation about energy production, environment, and culture, such as placing the wrong technologies in the wrong places, causes only massive losses and destruction of life — in short, catastrophe.

No 6000 page document begins to describe its impacts to human beings, our ability to work together creatively, as a community, to right these fundamental misconceptions.

What’s the opportunity? Communicate. Build public awareness. Motivate.

Let’s use the language of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics. Simply put, there is no airspace between sound science-based decision making about energy technologies and implementation, biodiversity and ecosystem health, and cultural survival.

The world has changed. The web is immediate, global and democratic. We can use it to reach out to other nations, other peoples, youth, and elders, and educate in a meaningful, interdisciplinary way.

In order to open this door, we have recreated and reinvigorated http://TheECOReport.com as a platform for global communication and motivation. The largest group of viewers, 26%, are 25-34 years old.

In order to help reach this powerful demographic of over 95 million in the US alone, individuals and groups may submit to publish news and ideas.

Send content and photo (1100 px wide) to roy.hales9@gmail.com. Distribute an email “Blast” to direct your mailing list to the post. Drive traffic. Traffic drives more traffic.

http://TheECOReport.com redefines environmental “outreach” as environmental journalism, creating a credible platform.

At http://TheECOReport.com, we ask, “What Works? What Doesn’t? And What can we do about it?” Exploring issues from different perspectives, leading to a range of differing opinions.

Working at the intersection of Energy, Environment, and Culture in collaboration with:


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“A World of Miracles and Wonders” https://www.theecoreport.com/world-of-miracles-and-wonder/, and “Design for a Changing Planet,” https://www.theecoreport.com/design-for-a-changing-planet2/”

Contact me for ideas, strategies and support in making TheECOReport.com a valuable asset in organizational communications.

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