Indigenous America Questions U.S. Green Energy Policies

This short film, “a film within a film,” tells a story, the story here involving the Peace and Dignity movement, “Journadas de Paz y Dignidad,” a pan-indigenous movement of the Americas, uniting native peoples from Alaska, Canada, Mexico and the United States, Central and South America.

Here, Paz y Dignidad supporters and the La Cuna de Aztlan Sacred Sites Protection Circle oppose large solar development proposed by Solar Millennium LLC for Blythe, California.

Over 200 plants are in application for the Mojave. Blythe Solar alone is 9500 acres and is sited on a culturally sensitive area containing scores of ancient geoglyphs.

U.C. Riverside botanist, Dr. James Andre, Ph.D., has speculated that construction of all projects in application could lead to massive extinctions and ecosystem collapse.

The event itself was billed as the TEOTIHUACAN ENERGIA ALIGNEMENT; Sacred Land Confrencia.

©Robert Lundahl