Despots and Crackpots. The Art of Jan Dungan.

Impossible Films/RL | A

Impossible Films/RL | A announces “Three Minute Studio Drop-In” Film Project

Emmy® Award winning filmmaker turns lens on Art and Artists

Nowadays, artists, filmmakers, and even “normal” people need their stories told, in a unique and personal way, to enhance their personal brand in social media. Benefits include inviting foot traffic to studios, and enticing and enthralling purchasers with the art of the moving image.

In the modern internet era, it is “mission critical” to provide high quality “bite size” content to motivate sales, and to use targeted social media to connect buyers with art and artists.

Lundahl’s films are in the moment. They are art in and of themselves. Not art-process movies or educational films, per se, they engage and inspire through the emotional and rational, through stories that are “slices of life,” and through “immersion” in the “Three Minute Studio Drop-In” concept.