Architecture of Change

Architecture of Change is a film Robert Lundahl & Associates produced for Sun Microsystems. Produced at a time of transition in the computer industry from mainframe systems to increasingly distributed work groups, the narrative was thus framed to allow for the paradigm of distributed systems to represent itself as the internet, e-commerce, social media and the cloud.

Noteables appearing in this video are Scott McNealy (CEO of Sun Microsystems), Bill Raduchel, Ed Zander, (later CEO of Motorola).

Lundahl developed a documentary form of storytelling for corporate clients that demonstrates a high level of verisimilitude, visual activity, and intellectual persuasiveness.

This combination of documentary filmmaking technique, focusing a light on specific script elements which can be conveyed convincingly, for all practical purposes, presenting a reasonably assumable “truth,” is still unique in Corporate Communications.

RL | A consistently uses this film to educate clients on narrative development.