Robert Lundahl brings analytical, strategic, and creative capabilities for companies, sponsors and partners.


Mr. Lundahl conducts first person research in the field to gain different perspectives on an opportunity or practice.


Mr. Lundahl provides tools for analysis and understanding of the real world.

Robert Lundahl is an Emmy® Award Winning Filmmaker, whose work has been seen on TVO Canada, PBS stations, CNN Europe, CCTV China, and has been honored by film festivals around the world.

Brands – Adobe Systems, Amdahl, Bank of America, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Coast Salish Communities (Long House Foundation), Californians for Renewable Energy (CAre), Credit Suisse, Dell, Federal Express, Fujitsu, Kodak, Hansen Medical, Heard Museum, Hewlett Packard, IBM, Protect Our Communities Foundation, Lockheed Martin, NACHA, Rex Foundation, SAP, Sun Microsystems, Scripps Institution of Oceanography.