The Smart City Learning from Curitiba


Robert Lundahl had been invited to film at INPE, the Brazilian Space Agency, on behalf of Sun Microsystems to discuss and film networked satellites for visual monitoring of the Amazon Forest environment. Curitiba, Brazil came to the attention of RL | A’s team, which then Mayor Jaime Lerner had helped develop into a city of systemic sustainability.

Offering the computer analogy RL | A compared Curitiba’s urban structure, the moving, interlocking parts, with a computer system–as U.N. Development Programme representative Jonas Rabinovitch points out in a key interview.

This thirty minute documentary includes studio segments taped at John Gage’s Berkeley home. Alan Jacobs, professor of Urban Design at U.C. Berkeley, William Mitchell, Dean of the School of Architecture at MIT, and author of several books, including, “City of Bits,” are featured, along with Jaime Lerner. John Gage hosts.