About Agence RLA

Robert Lundahl is an American Documentary Filmmaker, Journalist, Award Winning Communications Consultant and current CEO of Agance RLA, a PR/Marketing company focused on supporting/proliferating responsible business practices in Environmental, Tech, social change and eco-hospitality.

Beyond a prolific list of award-winning stories and documentary films seen on PBS and worldwide, Robert has delivered unprecedented creative successes for private enterprise including companies like, Credit Suisse, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Sun Microsystems, Avatier, and Eriksson.

His films on environmental protection and Native American life comprise a unique body of work, carrying forward multiple perspectives on technology development, anthropology, and the natural sciences–in a kaleidoscopic overview of systems, ideas, and contemporary concerns.

Robert’s passion today is in orchestrating momentous PR, advertising, and cause marketing campaigns that bring a rare and authentic depth to the portrayal of innovators and creators. All Agence RL clients are celebrated for their ability to articulate message, vision and story.

Currently, Robert develops multi-level experiences, campaigns, and stories including, “How to Start a Movement,” (Pocket Book, Hardback, E-Book), and “The Craft” television series, events, and podcasts, supporting exchanges of ideas and perspectives on the myriad ways food and beverage bring all things together.