About Robert Lundahl

Award-winning storyteller, corporate communicator, filmmaker, director, visionary, activist.

Robert is a superb filmmaker/storyteller. You can see that when you look at his work. It has passion and is emotional, the basis of great storytelling. He is a superb caster of talent, a magnificent cameraman and director, and an excellent editor. He writes his own script copy which I also find brilliant. If you need a story told with passion and clarity and top-of-the-line professionalism, I can highly recommend him as one of the very best.

-David Hoffman–American Documentary Filmmaker

Beyond a prolific list of award-winning stories and documentary films seen on PBS and worldwide, Robert has delivered unprecedented creative successes for private enterprise including companies like HP, SAP, Credit Suisse, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Sun Microsystems, Avatier, and Eriksson.

Robert’s experience in orchestrating momentous corporate PR, advertising, sociopolitical and environmental activism brings a rare holistic advantage to the scope of all RL|A client work.

Robert Lundahl founded RL | A in 1989.