About Agence RLA

If necessity is the mother of invention, Agence RLA was a necessity.

In the emerging years of corporate television, Founder, Robert Lundahl, saw himself prowling the grounds of a Victorian era English hotel, recently laid-off by IBM competitor Amdahl. The whole department was laid-off, as it happened, and so a mighty band of global filmmakers, returning home undaunted declared, Robert Lundahl and Associates is born.

What the company is today is remarkably similar yet different. We are unrelenting in helping our clients get to their own clear vision.

Today, we use different approaches and tools but we are still concerned with “outcomes.”

We ask, “What would you like your audience to think or feel?” “What actions do you want them to take?

Agence is Robert Lundahl and Caroline Mercado. The company leadership team links advertising and communications. We build campaigns and manage them, then measure the outcomes/results.