About Agence RLA

Our love of video is well known; we started as a video production company.

By the time we had written over one hundred scripts, it became clear that video/filmmaking as a communications medium is a part of something bigger and more consequential. The process of positioning, messaging, and targeting for a company, sets an agenda, a roadmap. What the company “says” is what the client “is.”

We are a full service agency specializing in Content Marketing, with expertise in SEO, for Campaigns, Launches, and Influencer Outreach.

Robert Lundahl, CEO.

Agence RLA was started in 1989 by filmmaker, storyteller, activist Robert Lundahl.

Following Agence RLA’s global success with Digital Journey for Sun Microsystems, the company added more clients beyond tech, and began to make documentaries for television.

Robert is a superb filmmaker/storyteller. You can see that when you look at his work. It has passion and is emotional, the basis of great storytelling. He is a superb caster of talent, a magnificent cameraman and director, and an excellent editor. He writes his own script copy which I also find brilliant. If you need a story told with passion and clarity and top-of-the-line professionalism, I can highly recommend him as one of the very best.

-David Hoffman–American Documentary Filmmaker

Beyond a prolific list of award-winning stories and documentary films seen on PBS and worldwide, Robert has delivered unprecedented creative successes for private enterprise including companies like HP, SAP, Credit Suisse, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Sun Microsystems, Avatier, and Eriksson.

Robert’s experience in orchestrating momentous corporate PR, advertising, sociopolitical and environmental activism brings a rare holistic advantage to the scope of all Agence RLA client work.

We develop internet campaigns creating teams of solution providers across disciplines, including web development, internet consulting, design, social media, SEM, SEO, video production, writing, and project management/orchestration.